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When she closes her eyes 

And her world comes to life, 

Where the stab feels so real,

When the pain feels so alive,

Where the spell is manifesting itself,

Where all chaos stops  ,

And silence begets freedom .

In the midst of pleasure and pain. 



Going Under… 

Beneath the waters,finding comfort under like a submarine, expectations  yet disillusioned ,desiring a gaze at the  sun as it penetrates the desert sands, thriving to survive in the glowing entity of actual moments but trying to control the burning longing destroying the inside .Keeping you captive.

To remake ,remould or better yet ruin. Wallowing in the pleasures of pain,letting it carry you to your astral element.
Meditate upon the fires that want to consume you,bow to the wild imagination that keep you moving. Don’t fade.  

Complete the story… 

I’m at a distance, I can hear the battle sounds, but I must proceed, give myself strength to tread on, though it’s getting a toil on me, I keep my mind to the things that give me a reason to stay alive, the journey must proceed, I may encounter the battle…one step at a time. 

Complete the story….keep writing 

Image: my first tattoo 

The unspoken 

Phoenix arisen, 

Ashes blown by the wind, 

Soul secured but the desire’s threatening to break out. 

Thoughts driven onto lone highway, 

Spotting the oncoming train, 

The feelings swayed by current, 

Into the tides towards the silent unknown ‘Take me away, let the unspoken dreams find itself in the midst of it all ‘

The closed doors resist the secrets exit. 

A character in a painting 

A character in a painting, 

One that will soon be forgotten as I don’t form the major part in the art, 

Little do they know, that I’m the aspect that inspired the whole concept. 

Without me, the artist will voluntarily cease to be. 

Perhaps I should also seize the moment and reflect on my irrelevance to majority of the eyes and appreciate the few misfits who identify with me.


They want every part of you,

 even the hidden den in your darkest of thoughts,

 their heart cries in anticipation every time they feel the hunger for you than burns fiercely. 

They torment themselves with silence and hide this deepest desire from you so that you can live a free life from their strongest obsessions of you


Cheers to personal growth! 

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A year of learning. Learning to stick to my decisions, learning to be confident in my actions, learning to become bold in my wishes, learning to be honest about my feelings, learning self control.