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Do you have time?
You ask.

Do I even time for myself?
To examine all the energies I’ve absorbed throughout the years?
How long has it been?
Since it dawned on you that you are in the dying days,
That you are getting closer to breathing your last,
How much time have you taken to ponder on your ambitions?
How much time do we really have?

Well, time brought order.
It can also create an illusion of lasting chaos…
They say ‘it takes 20 seconds of courage to pull through a moment’.
A minute can lead to the discovery of your seed of ‘joy’. That is,
Till the next loss.

Memento Mori.



Image :Jean-Michel Bihorel

Broken is the real lock underneath, 

broken is face behind the mask,

broken is a path most travelled yet most feared, 

broken is a vase in pieces on the floor, 

broken is a call to heed, 

broken brings forth a burning desire, 

broken can lose control,

broken can end a story, 

broken can snatch a soul,

broken can kill a dream and slaughter a fantasy,

broken can build a story,

broken can be a journey to a greater purpose, 

broken can unlock a prisoner, 

broken can bind to fate, 

broken can instill a life long lesson, 

broken can open the doors to hell, 

broken can create a monster,

 broken can reveal the sight to freedom, broken can uncover a wound and resurrect a scar, 

broken is an inevitable path.

It begins… 


Trying to predict the end from the beginning,

The ending of the story yet untold,

Predicted but not yet written,

Full of promises unfulfilled,

Tales of a journey hoping to end in serenity,

But the hurdles tempt to fatigue,

So back to the beginning…

At the end of the all,

May the journey stand the test of time,

May the mind wallow in its midst,

May it flood the heart with its desires,

May it be retold,

The tales of the hour glass.


When she closes her eyes

And her world comes to life,

Where the stab feels so real,

When the pain feels so alive,

Where the spell is manifesting itself,

Where all chaos stops ,

And silence begets ‘freedom’

Is she addicted?


Going Under… 

Beneath the waters,

finding connection under

yet still disillusioned ,

desiring a gaze at the sun as it penetrates the desert sands,

thriving to survive in the glowing entity of actual moments.

The waters want to control the burning longing destroying the inside .

To remake ,remould or better yet drown.

Wallow in the pleasures of pain,letting it carry you to your astral element.

Meditate upon the fires you that want to consume you.

Bow to the wild imagination and swim.

Don’t fade.

Complete the story… 

I’m at a distance, I can hear the battle sounds, but I must proceed, give myself strength to tread on, though it’s getting a toil on me, I keep my mind to the things that give me a reason to stay alive, the journey must proceed, I may encounter the battle…one step at a time. 

Complete the story….keep writing 

Image: my first tattoo 

The unspoken 

Soul secured but the desires threatening to break out.

Thoughts driven onto lone highway,

The feelings swayed by current,

Into the tides towards the silent unknown ‘Take me away, let the unspoken dreams find itself in the midst of it all ‘