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The longing of the mirror

April 4, 2012

The mirror stands on the wall,

waiting for the image reflected,

hoping that the heart is restful,

enough to exude a smile,

hoping the hole is filled with light,

enough to sweep away the gloom

that engulfs and burns away like fire,

never expecting the cooling of excitement,

the days coming after may be uncertain,

leaving one  in denial, to block away the tears,

that will explode to the outward,

like stars shining in the sky,

but the time is coming for the falling,

for the rupture of fulfillment,

the heaven filled with passion,

A Nirvana.

The only positive outlook that keeps the soul alive,

like a turbine to enable energy released,

energy that does not produce blood,

visible in fear,

hidden in the mask called fantasies,

back to the mirror on the wall,

it will keep waiting,

for the smile that is buried under to be dug from the grave under

and the aroma of freshness and rejuvenation

to fill her world that is begging,

to be resurrected.

One Comment
  1. Drey permalink

    Mmmmh……..tempted to continue


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