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April 6, 2012

I watch as I die inside,

Don’t want nobody by my side,

Even if I did, they wouldn’t comprehend,

Wouldn’t tolerate,wouldn’t perceive it till the end,

I build other people’s castle,

they walk through,

Letting them die,I wouldn’t allow,


I wonder why I sacrifice,

Was I meant to be other people’s spice?

I tear my own dress and buy another one,

Not for me but for those who have more,

In front of others they stand ,behind the curtains I remain,

In my gloom and doom,never seeing the main,

Deep down I pray that things do not remain the same,

Because my end will be without shame,

If I continue living another day like this,

Big things I meditate for,

I don’t wanna hear the snake hiss,

Death I think for,rather than lose my pride,

Big dreams I’m pregnant with,

Far and wide

Pregnant I remain,time to concieve never reaching,

Vulnerability,dependability I ran away from

but I keep screeching,

When will the light shine in the hole in my soul,

Or darkness should I dwell in making it my home,

everlasting ,bowing my head down to my fears,

And never desiring anyone to wipe away my tears.

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