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May 9, 2012

When the dark poetess got a glimpse of the light,

She smiled.

It wasn’t her territory,

She withdrew in her cocoon,

The solitude.

The silent echoes in her head,

The heaven in her confusion,

The far distance desires,

The light burnt,

It caused her tears to roll,


Not her mantra.

Deeply buried

Into the hellish sea,

That’s her longing,

Looking at the horizon though,

She still smiled.

In the mystery she was content,

Her path she will draw,

And like a snake it will crawl,

Till she gets her prey,

And in peace she will be,

Coz she will have landed,

Dust to dust,ashes to ashes.

Six feet under,

Her hurt remains,

Within herself,

She will delve,

Till she gains control,

Till she conquers.

The harshness of her reality,

The insanity in her head,

In darkness,she will allow,

In bleakness,she will look for her treasure.

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  1. check out my blog too.i admire your work,


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