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the cry of the innocent soul

July 18, 2012

Nobody else can feel their pain

Its the  scar of the innocent soul

It all started with some praising

of the beauty in the outside

Too young to comprehend the complement

she smiled and went out to play

he gazed at her through the window

and thought to himself how endowed she was

It hurt him him that someone else would ‘tap that’ one day

The jealousy was immense

It moved him towards her

He went and held her hand calmy

She did not object

In her mind it was called ‘trust’

In his head it was called ‘opportunity’

He told her he wanted to ‘comfort’ her

she wondered why but it sounded like a good thing

She could here her friends screaming
as they played

She felt left out

But he grinned as he saw her expression

His urges were beyond his control

He had to be ‘in’ her

He lay her down

Caressed her

She started crying

Confused emotions

She stared at the ceiling

She raised her head and saw the look on his face

It wasn’t comforting anymore

She could feel it

He knew it

He felt enraged

Was she trying to reject him?

He could not handle any more rejection

Suddenly he tore her clothes

She screamed in fear

He gagged her mouth

And pressed on her hard

He thrust



pain that ran deep within

pain that transformed innocence

pain that bled pain that only hr could feel

Pain that could not be easily erased in time

as she grew up

she hated her world

she built her own fantasy

She found relief in self torture

she cut herself for the pain

Pain that was implanted by him

she became addicted to the pain

Until the world digs it out

Will they be able to uncover a hidden treasure

She’s enclosed in a dungeon

Trapped by those trying to find a way out themseleves

By committing more evil

They want a lee way

an easy way out

from their demons

little do they know they were transferring the demons

who will exorcise them?

And save the innocent soul


From → dark poetry

  1. Thark permalink

    You have amazing deeply touching poetry. I hope you find the answers you seek.


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