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August 6, 2012


Dead on the inside

but building bridges on the outside

to avoid falling off the cliff,

do not ignore the sadness build up,

otherwise it will blow and swallow you up,

tear you apart,

mercilessly take away your fantasies,

A tortured soul you will forever be.

dirges ringing in your head,

black roses in your graveyard,

you scream but no voice,

trying to picture yourself alive,

but it is just that,a picture,

a mere painting,creation of the mind,

trapped inside the coffin,

silent whispers,the bugs in the brain are active,

you can feel yourself rotting from the inside,

you can see yourself fading,

the world has loosened its grip,

thrown you into the sea of forgetfulness,

you struggle to chase away the doom thoughts,

an evil laugh feels the atmosphere,

it keeps knocking in your head,

louder and louder it gets,

you can’t take it anymore,

you trace the ultimate weapon,

you are tired of being the imps playground,

you slit your own throat,

DEAD you are now.


From → dark poetry

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