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Within the hopeless state

August 29, 2012


I am an alien in my own imaginations,

A stranger in my visions,

Kidnapped by my own thoughts,

My pace is too fast for me,

My emotions betray me,

My emptiness is too loud to ignore,

My smile rebels against my gloom inside,

Chaos ringing in my head,

Tears on the verge of breaking out,

My insanity demands freedom,

The shadows mock me,

The voices in my head singing harmoniously,

I am a slave to my fate,

The wound must be inflicted,

The blood rushes out,

Death beckons,

It rapes the peace outta me,

I curve out other alternatives,

I hold onto the black veil,

But it crawls through


I need a rope to strangle the creepy thoughts that give birth to my misery,

I need to initiate the collapse of my haunted past.


From → dark poetry

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