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September 11, 2012



Bodies lying everywhere

Vultures enjoying the once potential


Why did I awaken my soul?

I reminisce a working-looking at the endless rainbow

View their spirits scream in horror and await their revenge

From afar…ready to slaughter the heathens without mercy

-Lost Child

Escape and grab my soul’s hand

Rock of the tomb and the world envelopes my sight

Destruction of the dreams and brain

Smell of blood and I don’t want to live in pain

Let me lift your spirit to the vacuum space


It needs a journey to the unknown to rid the spell off me

My perception has been transformed

It will take much greater sacrifice to get into me

My enemies have hacked into my weakness

They’ve locked my desires and thrown the key far down to abyss

-Lost child

I look around and no sense of you

Just the nostalgia ,reflection of the blue skies on my shadows

My thoughts growing in my hardcore brain

Pebbles back in the day when streams would flow

We would rest on the bank meditating and lending our souls to insanity asylum


But if I believe ,dig out the strength within

Scavenge for the cure

Cover the wounds inflicted my past sentiments

We will drive our chariots to infinity

And build our castles upon the mountain of horror

And valley of dry bones


From → dark poetry

  1. Romi permalink

    dope poetry…loving it


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