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Kick the bucket

September 17, 2012

The bucket sits…thirsty,

Faint…ready to give up,

Downtrodden from all the rejection,

hopeless…no earthling is ready to deliver it from the heat from the sun,

That penetrates with no mercy,

It endeavors to be the star in the dark world,

To bring hope to the defeated,

To light the path of the heathen,

To open doors to the frail and hopeless,

To collect peace for the communities at war,

It explored to the end of the horizon,

It searched for the best to improve its appearance,

In order to be appealing to the suitors,

But still spit and spite from all corners,

It longed for the kicking by a mortal seeing that all seemed lost,

But again the world is blinded,

By their ignorance and shallow-mindedness,

to even outstretch a foot,

To lead to its demise,

Though it can foresee the water rushing through,

Sparkling clean with pure freshness,

Bringing forth a vision of hope,

A chance for it to hold plenty,

But no sign of acceptance from a people that ignore freedom,

You can’t offer a helping hand to an unwilling soul,

You can’t walk beside a morbid spirit,

a heart  full of melancholy,

One that chooses to rest in injury.

Suddenly…it hears a whirling sound

The wind…clouds darkening the smell of rain…bliss.

At last it will be filled with treasured contents

Wait…footsteps…louder and louder,

Rushing towards its direction,

Confusion replaces…It comes out if its reverie,

Up in jubilation…full of life they rejoice,

Carrying buckets to partake of the blessing,

And it gets kicked out of the way,

And that marked its end.

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