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Justice must prevail…..

September 27, 2012

Poison my mind with your gore visions,

And leave me high spirited,

Hypnotize me,

And take me to the land of the forsaken,

Let me be part of the ritual of the bound,

cast out the spell that endanger my breaking,

release me from the snare of the bloody thirsty imps,

and settle me among the chained those that gnash their and beg for freedom,

freedom to revenge the injustices,

rage keeps them at the epitome,

that keeps them as slaves to their bitterness,

at the periphery,the remains of the royal hood-rats busk,

their cry is buried in silence,

They were shut down by their cruelty,

Their flesh hangs facing the raging sun,

They are forced to partake in their nightmares,

To watch the skulls of their victims,

They long for their ice cold heart,

As they reflect on their dictatorial reigns and tears take toll on them,

I witness a killing motivated by revenge,

Revenge that has endured scorpions and snakes,

like a bride eager for the big day,

It knocked their heads to unrest,

Death upon royalty!hacked…slaughtered…maimed,

for all the innocent  the blood of women and children,

the universe wept its own,

It soaked in the blood to cleanse away the sin,

The land stands quiet,

full of turmoil,

I get a revelation,

“Peace that erupts from within can diffuse to the most filthy in the land but the choice of freedom remains with the heart and justice will prevail”


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