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October 5, 2012

It’s all in my mind,

The harm I see does not exist,

The little worm eating away the core of my consciousness,

They tickle my veins,

I  am full of hysteria,

It engulfs till the core of my nerves,

Instead of sharing in my bliss,

They avoid me like a plague,

But I can’t help myself,

Have lost control of my humanity,

I am an offense,

Sometimes I feel like I run the world

I am convinced of the power within me.

But they try to contain who I am,

Convincing me that my thoughts are nothing but a mirage,

They call it ‘delusions of grandeur’,

All my life I have lived with tablets and needles,

They say it is for my contentment,

That I am headed for abyss,

Without the chains around me,

But they don’t understand that my desire is  to enjoy my paradise,

That I am content with my inner demons,

Though sometimes they torture me to alertness,

Destroying my sleep,

Reminding me of my worthlessness,

They encourage suicidal tendencies,

But I believe there a home across the river.

That, keeps me hopeful,

Though I fear the swim

But with a little support

I can be

I can improve my mental-lity.

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