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A recluse

October 9, 2012


I dust my feet,

Out of the world I’m ready to jump,

Finally I’m revealed,

My tribulations overpower me,

Glass shatters race towards me,

They cut my flesh in enjoyment,

My smile elopes,

Inside my tomb I want to rest,

I let the echoes from the outside,

Convince my frail self,

I should have known,

That my destiny hangs in the balance,

That exposure will delay the healing of the wound,

Is it too late to silence the mourning voice?

Thoughts run helter-skelter,

lost in the wilderness,

Surrounded by the ghosts that haunt my peace,

In my imaginations they lurk around,

As I peep through the key hole,

I realize I’m afraid of what lies on the other side,

Skeptical about everything under the moon,

I remembered passing through the lone route,

Heard the chirping of birds,

Felt the wind brushing upon my skin,

But no sign of life,

I recall my run through the tunnel,

Persevering the stench of the filth flowing through,

Gathering the courage to stare at the crawling monsters,

As they gaze at me with pity-filled eyes,

Like they understood what I was going through,

The suffering in my song,

The Harmony of the voices in my head,

Singing,telling me that my soul cannot stand endurance,

I gave up on joining the echelon,

Sounds of victory filled the air,

They were sure of conquering the battle raging in the stars,

They would bring life to the eggs scattered among the ashes,

As for me a recluse I choose to be.


From → dark poetry

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