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Emptiness-Yusuf O. Kassam

October 20, 2012

People walk

But where is the sound of their footsteps?

People talk,

But where is there charm and humor?

It is warm and bright,

But I cannot see the sun!

It is cool and romantic,

But I cannot see the moon!

The trees sway,

Without the rustling of their leaves,

The music plays Without the rhythm or enchantment,

The lamp light devoid of any glow,

Hot coffee is served devoid of any aroma

I shake hands but I cannot get the grip.

Someone pronounces ,’alive’!

But where is the energy?

Another pleads ‘enliven’!

But where is the blood?

A third says ‘illuminate’!

But where is the light?

I seek in vain for color and lustre

In dew and spice

In warmth and radiance

Yes,the very soil under my feet

Lacks fertility.

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