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November 19, 2012


She saw a star in the future of the night,

A pallet filled with dull colors,

All the memories of a journey well devoured,

A journey only the brave hearted could endure,

The hurt ripped apart her emotion,

She was  vulnerable to the predators,

They could sense her,

A willing wreck,

Her confidence torn and fed to the rats,

She scratched to bleed,

She screamed to alert the unwanted,

Gag her,silence her hope,

Make her part of the impurities,

Draining into the polluted bodies,

Descriptions will always be,

Fears will always emerg,e

The sound of the hammer pounding the nail,

It brought some kind of comfort,

That her invaders will be crushed

as they try to understand her wild thoughts,

Because no one goes through her,

And keeps their sanity,

Toxicity,waste to the overflow,

She tried to understand death,

To press against complications in life,

In all the *fucked up mentalities,

Hopeless reunions, Forced alliances,

She found her pit she jumped in,

She drowned her sorrows.


From → dark poetry

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