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The bitter side of love

April 17, 2013
Rising from the embers,

Trying to find essence in the stars,

A young soul searching for satisfaction,

That she is clueless on,

Because its been barred from her

since the time she arose from the grave.

the grave that is the womb of a bitter mortal.


A mother looks at the child,

Emotionless,not capable of love,

She knows she needs to shine a light,

But in darkness she begot her.

In pain she revealed herself,

In fear she was opened,

She was tricked to pregnancy

She was coerced to believe its ‘love’,

That’s the same ‘love’ she can provide to her seedling,

Full of wrath,bitterness and wounded imagery,

The young soul awakens,

‘I am unwanted,I am desolate,

I am a well deserved rejected piece’.

So many approach her claiming to offer her ‘love’,

A piece of her heart they want,

the only part that’s left of her.

Questions linger in her head.

She hurts herself for pleasure

and strives to destroy every smile that comes her way.

One time she lands on a strange space

and meets a deserted portrait  just like her,

they share the same history,the same mess

disaster propels them.
All their lives pandemonium be a common factor.

they bond at the center of the pit,

they draw their swords

they endevour to pierce each others hearts

they want to feel the same the pain,together,at the same time

they want to get a glimpse of their bleed

that represents and reflects their life

and sums up their definition of love

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