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Freedom to pierce

August 28, 2013
Expression will reign to infinity,

In the hearts of the passionate,

burning intensely in their tongue

spreading like wild fire,

possessing like a determined demon,

in solitude,in pain,in pandemonium

like that inevitable itch.


Art born in chains,penetrating in reality

revealing the unseen,

the words attack,bombarding like a grenade

never intimidated!

The power of the pen.


Freedom to pierce we DEMAND

we got to unhook the leash

the blood will flow,the laughter diminish
 dungeons doors opened
the monster will out.
 ART will be revealed,truths will wound
 it’s inevitable even if you frustrate it
as shadow world celebrate the scales in their eyes
and sharpen their knives, we sharpens our pencils!
 remove their guns,with our notebooks we’re alert!
 Shut down our light,ART thrives in the dark!
 you will mark our words
 a remembrance,a scar….a consequence of the pierce
 FREEDOM defined
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