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At death she loved her…Death loved her more

September 28, 2013


Drive lost,

her image appears,

upon the tomb where her heart was to be buried,

her mind feels like a rush of tide,

bringing up memories,

alternating with sorrows,

unrest within her body,

curvaceous piece of art hanging,

her epitome arises,

breasts hanging from her astute being,

longing for the heartfelt touch,

the nipples alert,

longing for the sensation,

the desire creates attraction,

passionate living to the dying soul,

she mounts herself upon the corpse,

only yesterday she would have been her happiness,

but fate had the final say,

her body unable to control the raging hormones,

she felt the cold mass below her,

no regret…just multiple orgasms

she thrusts herself and tightened her grip on her neck

below her ‘used to be ‘ long flowing hair,

at riga mortis,

she wanted to hug her before the soil covered her again,

before the ground ‘six feet under’ swallows her forever,

she reminisced how she had taught her how to love,

how they were about to consummate their union,

….but death loved her more.

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