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My Succubus…My Everything

October 20, 2013


She raises an automatic flame in me,

Ignites with her touch,

her glow creates a tingle of passion,

She bites and sucks creating massive orgasms,

my succubus,my everything.

The temptation that propels me,

I lust at her,

her nipples my drug,

her hips my hand’s property,

I let her overwhelm me,

my much needed obsession,

i kill every object that tries to get between us,

my succubus,my everything.

let your sword be my pillow,

your dagger my shield,

my life your source of pleasure,

know me by my whispers in your ears,,

your only cause of wetness

in your inner and outer lips.

my blood what bind us together,

my succubus my everything.

swaying on a pole,hypnotizing,

seduction was defined by you,

do not unchain me,

lest confusion be my last confession,

“my succubus” the words uttered before my last breath

death a gift she gave me.


From → dark poetry

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