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She found me…I lost her

March 1, 2014


Aroused by that scent,

my craving for her was passionately intense,

body trembling,

flooding my world with desire,

her body magnet,

the thought of my touch on her supple breast,,

sends me to utopia,

an illicit drug capable of blinding,

tongue unsettled

wanna lick the pain she so well hides,

disguising it with a blank stare,

face so emotionless,

the same face I want trapped between my thighs,

fast forward to my fantasy….

‘her moan so heavenly,

she screams my name like a horny she wolf,

I overwhelm her with kisses from her cold forehead,

radiant eyes,

her soft velvet skin,

down her well endowed figure,

viewing her nipples,

alert…like a gun pointing at its next kill

its like I conjured her pulse

her hands respond and clutch at me so tightly,

my fingers resign to sweet temptation,

they penetrate…

the feel of heaven

doors wide open…ready to receive,

I slide in and the moan sends me into a frenzy,

now my tongue takes over…. becomes my thought guide.

…and in that moment I’m awaken I  hear a cry of despair

‘take me home’

I cuss

fantasy poof!

she’s drunk…I help her till her doorstep,

in her stupor,

‘don’t leave me’

I take her up to her sanctuary,

before long,she reveals herself..

rendering it all bare before my eyes,

clothes were thrown with vigor,

join me‘….she mumbles

but….’you’re too drunk hun’ I dispute

she grabs me…

The orgasms!!forever etched in my heart,

though she succumbed to illness,

she was brave but fate…she ‘d fought a good fight,

her touch forever imprinted on my skin,

my muse…the one that truly satisfied me,

a flood of sobs…awesomeness to ashes

sexiness now trapped six feet under

she  found me…i lost her.

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