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The Sofa

March 29, 2014



On this sofa I uncovered your nakedness,

pleasured you,

whips and chains our additional companions,

your body,an emblem,

incredible piece of art..


you brought out the chaos in me,

I became suddenly vulnerable,

an open blank space,

and now I am paying the price,


I rest my head upon the hands I once tied up,

As we ponder on the sofa,

My potential murderer, My once addictive force,

the Turbine of my soul,

regrets now flood my mind.


Damn,she brought out the drama in me,

On this damn sofa ,I caught her expressing it all out,

the same freaking words!!

to another!

all we had,

was all that we had  nothing but a false embrace?

my fragile porcelain heart,

torn and no more.


Into the depth of the injury,

lying on my palms sacrificing self,

rewinding back to the hurt you instilled in me,

on the sofa where we now stare.

still this is where our story unfolds and ends…


As we partake,

morphine such heaven,

can’t rely on an alert world,

euphoria our  habitat,

as we rest upon the last days,

deep in thought,

the scourge has brought us back together,

the sofa now our final comfort,

now to my dying wish…in her arms

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