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Is she going insane?

June 8, 2014


the screams so distant yet still haunting
voices in her head motivated,
impaled with a ‘magnificent’ weapon
‘sufficient’ blood flow,
they see no sense in allowing a life to thrive,
they foresaw bleak
asylum doors welcoming,
laughter so evil then a long drowning silence,
an eerie breeze,
the all familiar sound of waves
so nigh yet without reach.
hallucinations perhaps?nope just frailty
an illumination?nope just a disguise,
heavy laden,
load down with a thud
a sharp pain on her pinky toe,
continual ‘disturbia’,
flirting with zombies?
Trapped within the walls,
a prisoner in a barrier,
the walls moving,
soon she’ll be nothing but broken bones,
or maybe she’ll solve the maze
or maybe it’s all in her head,
voices in her head,

How will it all end?


From → dark poetry

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