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Thoughts bordering

August 2, 2014


Should I sit and gaze?
Gaze into space and act like I’m meditating?
But deep within I’m blank because I can’t dream no more,
Don’t take me wrong
I have quite an imagination,
great philosophical ideas,
Massive deals I can bring into form,
But my world is like a heap of waste paper,
and look!It just handed me a bin
It all turns to dust,fragile as brittle glass
cliche!damn it!
that’s what it all seems
like its gonna creep in and bite my small behind

I see clowns
masks trying to hide iniquity,distress,shame,regret,
no!no!no!I don’t want to be part of that world

Random thought,
Can I hold your rifle?
yeah they intrigue me
and no,not for that reason,
I didn’t have the guts to take a life…..not yet
maybe guts is was I need
But I think I try so hard
“Right,voices in my head
I do,yeah?”
What do you call worship of insanity?

We wear a seat belt and suddenly feel safe
Death creeps in like an intruder
My point in this piece?

I need a sign

That life is not just some other struggle,
that yeah we are more than someone’s puppet,
that there’s more than the fear of hell and the ‘illusion’ of heaven,
that there’s actual joy in appreciating the simple things in life,
that somewhere the grave can be a wedding site.

yes….you read right


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