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The Audience

August 17, 2014

Applause rents the dimly lit hall
What a spectacle to behold!

There you are,
Among the masses,
drowned in the cheers and jeers,
Part of the audience.

In the midst of it all
You take your thoughts on a train ride
The sad violin effects rent the air.
You spot a distinct replica of your mirror image on a makeshift stage,
But then you’re feeling frail..heavy laden

The pushing and shoving,
Snaps you out of your reverie.
Argh…part of the audience

Next a ballerina,
She serenades with her graceful steps,
She spells passion in the art,
A thunderous explosions hinders it all!
Screams of terrors replaces serenity
Glass shatters,burning scenes overwhelms
A huge stampede
Gory sights!
Then sudden silence.

A new  set up,
That all familiar hospital scent you detest
A great sense of numbness ,
You spot a tourniquet,
‘Darn,I should be dead’

Is this a sign?
That I should quit my role in the audience?
That I arise from my seat?
Maybe my death is much better on the platform like the ballerina perhaps…
and not as part of the audience.

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