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The Soulful Serenity of a Violin

December 4, 2014

such an awesome piece

My Forte


I have been in this audience far too long, held in the filth of the purveyor’s sticky hands on my Achilles on this dusty chair I sit on. Fervently unable to unpack myself even in body parts. From the pale chains of an unwitting game, seen from unrelenting hooks of an incessant tribulation to my liabilities to love in the scattered pages of my torn book. My lungs wail a striking wheeze of asphyxiation, it echoes in tumbling fifths of an imperfect melody of a chorused lament, still marauding like hungry dogs boiled by rabies to bless my blood with incorrigible angst, as boiling shards of my impaired lust jumps in the atmosphere of a flooding river. The lipid ink that seeps from the depths of my sinful soul where inspiration and conviction are constant enemies as flaming war into these thorny battlegrounds that ensure I breathe. What became of…

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