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Out of harm into flames?

April 16, 2015


And then there was light, harsh!
It scarred the skin,
It blinded.
Darkness became that haven
For secrets untold,
For hurt held dear,
‘peace ‘ in black,
‘ Rest ‘ in silent dark.

Dying embers,
Long forgotten,
Once ambitious,
Now fickle.

Attempting to arise,
But first a frantic search for a reason,
A reason in the midst of hopeless showers.
But Mmmh the souls may have adapted,
Why bother?

The light would reveal the scars,
The light would allow the tears to shimmer,
The light would expose the wound,.
But in darkness there’s a catalyst for self destruction.

All in that state they abhor,
They held onto each other,
Pact – a shed of blood
And purposed to face the light with boldness.
In blackness they were bound.
In light the pain became real.
But they chose to run into the world of sun rays
And label it resurrection.


From → dark poetry

  1. Very beautifully expressed.

    In fact just last night I was thinking how comforting darkness can be as I watched a video. It was a lovely rendition of “Hallelujah” and the whole video was completely black. Somehow it was perfect.


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