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The humanity of Mine by Wilson Omol(Daddy)

June 20, 2015


The humanity of mine is not how many words I say.

Not how many dreams I have nightly or daily.

It’s not how beautifully I can put them on paper.

It’s not what I see externally.

It’s not what I’m  told I am by some other person.
My humanity is invisible to the externally.

My humanity is the yonder look.

It’s the determination to carry on the journey.

A look beyond the present state of things.

To see before time the  fulfillment of one’s hopes.

To bring the future and live in it

Its kicking of any obstacle on the way .to  trample upon them with all  force.

To crash them with all energy.

Forgetting what’s at one feet and knowing the invisible Omnipotence.

Its the gaze continually forever fixed to one’s goal.

It’s neck held straight,eyes looking forward and forever the soldier continues

and the goal is then arrived at.

A journey in life well done.

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