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To a year older….

October 10, 2015


I am
Of years of imperfections, deep pondering ,insane blooms,
resurrected scars and continuous flaws.
To more years of self discovery,to yonder thinking and war with voices in my head
to more smiles with company and feels of adrenaline,serotonin and other ‘hell raising hormones’ with the ones I love.
to more drama and entertainment from loving literature,
to all those I lost in my path and those that hold it against me for my actions.
to all my aspirations and desires that I pray may come alive
to my downtrodden self as I endeavor to raise its spirit through my twisted interests
life goes on sometimes getting all rebellious on me
cheers as I march on
it’s a journey to the unknown,
but one that I set foot on and I must complete it
may nirvana keep revealing itself to me.

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