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February 5, 2016


The art her legs was forming. The aura surrounding her body.The effect her  movements has on me and piercing my inner fantasies.I wanna pick her up and swallow her secret secretions and her wet desires.She poked through my buried insecurities.Could not stand to imagine her in pain.Made her slave of my wild thoughts.The freak in me that was too desperate to connect with the freak in her .My dark corner desires to embrace and welcome her to our world.


He was the thought I wished I would forbid.The desires I had of him made me free myself and fall fully with my whole being and give in.Allow him to explore my most hidden treasures and open up the flame I so desperately crave to  extinguish.The energy I feel arouses my every emotion and drains my soul.I need him enclosed in my wilderness and our spirit entangled that not even purgatory can win over a love so haunting and unimaginable.

Asylums would desire patients so eligible.
Their passion and insanity trapped
Trapped between Death and the fleeing soul, expressed in freedom and real joy

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