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Each other’s prison

February 26, 2016

He saw the fire in our horizon,
The waves whispered the emotions so delicately.
I know my wounds will multiply,
And it will turn out to be my worst addiction.
It will be my lord.
But the bond we had established made me believe that even my blood and my sanity were worth the sacrifice.
He had mastered the art of control. The psychology of obsession.
I was already a slave when I came to realize the level of my naivety.
He would stroll through the shore after a time of passionate lust enveloped in the shadows of bondage pleasure.
My pain was our pain and longing
And I endured all for our forever and after
The anchor of my soul sealed in our secret ‘pleasure’ abyss
He couldn’t fathom living without me
He had enough insanity without adding salt to injury
Let’s swim in that world that only us comprehend

One Comment
  1. Karr permalink

    Let’s dive into the depths where our auras intertwine


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