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They want every part of you,

 even the hidden den in your darkest of thoughts,

 their heart cries in anticipation every time they feel the hunger for you than burns fiercely. 

They torment themselves with silence and hide this deepest desire from you so that you can live a free life from their strongest obsessions of you



Cheers to personal growth! 

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A year of learning. Learning to stick to my decisions, learning to be confident in my actions, learning to become bold in my wishes, learning to be honest about my feelings, learning self control.



​​The mind needs to be free…to allow for self to explore and rebel against the norm..too bad we need to fit in society to thrive…the grave has with it too many buried secrets…buried desire, buried art. May the heart find a way to have a breakthrough…bleed but not coz of pain but because of fulfillment. May fulfillment find you before death does. May the soil not mourn with the buried potential. May the burning passion reveal itself and seduce the audience. 

A girl loves..


Down that memory lane, where emotions were at steep high and the melodies heightened the mood for crazy outbursts and wild moves.
‘Have me! ‘Anita blurted out,though not so loud  to go past her thoughts.
She was on a lone dark street but she felt safe, she had to be courageous, she was vulnerable enough inside.
She was smiling, she knew so well how infectious  it was.
A song popped up in her head’ 󾠔 I just wanna see my lovely sunshine(Sunshine)
I just wanna bring back all of my blue skies
And if you take away my rainbow I will cry
Give me back my sunshine
Dreaming my state of being and I see you smiling
you’re so happy just laughing and standing
strong I’m missing you right
here Listen to my tears I’m waking up to skies so
Needing you to brighten up my day’󾠔- some sunshine  by Floetry.
She put on her earphones and the  smile became pronounced.
She placed her hand inside her jacket, removed her whisky bottle….

Early the next morning, awake with the sun, a book by her side ‘THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO by Stieg Larsson’
A girl loves to dream, a girl loves to read, a girl loves a little pleasure, a girl refuses to be heartbroken,a girl actually lives in her dreams.

Their emptiness


Even the forest could not stop trying to
comprehend the mystery that was hovering in its
spaces. It wanted to cut through their heart and
drench itself in their tears, that they were
compelled to hide. Misery was company but they
feared that even Misery was beginning to
withdraw and all that would be emptiness.
Emptiness that would send them to their darkest
fantasies, that they actually longed for but was
not sure their mask could be able to withstand.

Each other’s prison

He saw the fire in our horizon,
The waves whispered the emotions so delicately.
I know my wounds will multiply,
And it will turn out to be my worst addiction.
It will be my lord.
But the bond we had established made me believe that even my blood and my sanity were worth the sacrifice.
He had mastered the art of control. The psychology of obsession.
I was already a slave when I came to realize the level of my naivety.
He would stroll through the shore after a time of passionate lust enveloped in the shadows of bondage pleasure.
My pain was our pain and longing
And I endured all for our forever and after
The anchor of my soul sealed in our secret ‘pleasure’ abyss
He couldn’t fathom living without me
He had enough insanity without adding salt to injury
Let’s swim in that world that only us comprehend



The art her legs was forming. The aura surrounding her body.The effect her  movements has on me and piercing my inner fantasies.I wanna pick her up and swallow her secret secretions and her wet desires.She poked through my buried insecurities.Could not stand to imagine her in pain.Made her slave of my wild thoughts.The freak in me that was too desperate to connect with the freak in her .My dark corner desires to embrace and welcome her to our world.


He was the thought I wished I would forbid.The desires I had of him made me free myself and fall fully with my whole being and give in.Allow him to explore my most hidden treasures and open up the flame I so desperately crave to  extinguish.The energy I feel arouses my every emotion and drains my soul.I need him enclosed in my wilderness and our spirit entangled that not even purgatory can win over a love so haunting and unimaginable.

Asylums would desire patients so eligible.
Their passion and insanity trapped
Trapped between Death and the fleeing soul, expressed in freedom and real joy